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August 2018


Greetings Friends,

June’s newsletter contribution from me was quite heady and academic. I was really in a place where I felt I needed to, beyond a shadow of a doubt, show that irresponsible biblical interpretation is exceedingly bad and destructive.

As we enter August, the proverbial “dog days”, I am feeling exhausted and lethargic. At one point in history, summer was refreshing, exhilarating and an opportunity to recharge the batteries. If anything, I feel more drained than I was before and I certainly do not feel recharged. Perhaps I do not know how to take a true vacation? Perhaps I do not know how to
truly stop working so as to fully engage and participate in wholistic rest?

I’m really not quite sure to be honest and the reason I share that so freely and vulnerably is because it is my suspicion that that is many of you too. It seems that, as a culture, as a society, we have come to a place where what is expected is perpetual motion. Expressions like “get busy moving or get busy dying” once far more prevalent that they are now, are no longer needed as motivating catchphrases because the unwritten rule is perpetual motion. We do not know, as adults, how to rest which means that we have not taught our children how to rest and so the cycle continues.

And yet, here is the major problem, perpetual motion is impossible. Here is an opportunity to let science and faith coexist and be mutually informative. Physics has taught us that in order to have motion, you have to have energy. It starts as potential energy, while the ball remains motionless, and then the motion eventually uses up the potential, stored energy and creates kinetic energy by its motion. However, we’re still stuck on how to convert potential to kinetic. How did the ball start rolling? What activated it? As kinetic energy cannot be spontaneously created from nothing, the ball needed to be activated; something else had to sacrifice or expend energy for the ball to start going. Further, as stated earlier, once the potential energy is used up, the ball stops rolling as the kinetic energy created is not self-sustaining. Perpetual motion is impossible. “And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.” ( Genesis 2:2-3 )

God rested. Do we have a tendency to assume that we are better than or smarter than God? Yes we do. Do we not have a true understanding of what it is to rest? Instead settling for any myriad things we distract ourselves with posing as rest; television, books, video games, etc. I wonder what it would look like to truly rest like God rests at the beginning of Genesis 2. Maybe that is something we should explore together.

In His Service,
Pastor Eddie

Pastor Eddie and his wife Sarah with their children, Emma, Layla, and Noah.

Pastor Eddie and his wife Sarah with their children, Emma, Layla, and Noah.

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